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~Kevin O
Country 90.5FM

Jon Wyatt, remember that name! this kid is going places.

~Lou Dawgs Southern BBQ

One of the most talented musicians we've had on our stage... ever.

~The Aging Oak

He is truly an exceptional musician.

Here you'll find some reviews from people I've worked with, or done work for in the past.

If you've worked with me, and would like to leave a review, please scroll to the bottom of this page and submit your thoughts! This goes a long way to help legitimize my services to new clients, and to help me understand where I can improve on my services. Thank you!

Thank you.

All of your kind words are very impactful on me. I appreciate every one of you for taking time out of your day for these testimonials. I hope for the chance to work with all of you again.

~Jon Wyatt

~ Danny Columby

Award winning composer, session bassist, and tenure professor of Ryerson Polytechnic University and Canadore College.

"Have you ever been to the horse races and witnessed the restless anticipation of that one horse at the starting gate? He KNOWS he's got what it takes to win. He just needs someone to open that damn gate! I've worked with Jon in live performance settings and I can tell you, this guy has what it takes! He's a very talented multi instrumentalist, super charismatic, a great team player, great energy, sings like his soul's on fire (and in pitch), is open to learning, and that's just the tip of the iceberg! The last thing I asked of Jon Wyatt before he sadly moved away was this: "dude, remember me when you're a household name?"

Anthony Abate (Client)

"I met Jon several years ago, he helped me record a cover for our 2nd anniversary. He's an amazing guy who loves what he does!”
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