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Live Sound

Need a sound guy? Congratulations, this is a big step that will help your production sound as good as possible, and deliver professional results every time. We have professional experience and academic education that will bring your production past the professional threshold. My team and I are ready to serve you. 

Now you can stop stressing about the tech, and focus on the music!


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General Pricing

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The sooner you secure your date, the sooner you can rest easy and just start practicing.

Not sure? Give me a call and we can talk about any details or concerns you have.

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PreSonus QMIX-UC

If you select a package that includes a professional mixing console (highly recommended for the most professional results), You will have access to its digital network, and you can mix your own monitors with your phone. In simpler terms, if you have too much guitar in your monitor, and not enough vocals, you can make those adjustments by yourself with your phone. 

The mixer used is a PreSonus Series III STUDIOLIVE 64S. To mix your own monitors, you will need to download the app QMIX-UC from PreSonus. Here is a link for you to download the app:


Here is a video walkthrough describing how to use the QMIX-UC app:
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