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Performance / Entertainment
Live sound Engineering

Studio Production

by Jon Wyatt



Brian Risk,

Lecturer at Nippising University

Consultant / Owner at Mental Toughness for Precision & Consistency

“...The true star of the evening was Jon Wyatt...His ability to communicate, work efficiently and precisely, was very impressive..."

Danny Columby

Award winning composer, session bassist, and tenure professor of Ryerson Polytechnic University and Canadore College.

"...He's a very talented multi instrumentalist, super charismatic, a great team player, great energy, sings like his soul's on fire..."

Kevin Oschefski

The Kevin O show - 90.5 Country FM

“Jon Wyatt, remember that name! This kid is going places..”
Marble Surface

what brings you by?

Abstract Paint
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Jon Wyatt is an educated sound engineer and music producer. He studied production and engineering at Canadore College from 2021-2023, and has been a professional stage musician since 2018. He offers a variety of services that are rooted in experience and certification. Jon has been playing for well over a decade, and has worked hundreds of shows with various bands, as a solo artist, and as an engineer for other artists and bands. Jon spends his days off producing his own material, and building guitars. Today he is a busy musician, engineer, as well as a loyal employee of Long & McQuade.

Jon Wyatt, 2021
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