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Session/Sub Musician

You have a great song but it needs a really good guitar solo... or there needs to be an emotional male vocal to bring it to life...

And then, maybe you've got Hannah Montana playing on your stage and the lead guitarist is still a plane ride away. Whatever the reason, life happens, and it pays to have someone on the bench ready to step in. 

How it works

Whatever the reason, you're in need of a musician. Fortunately, I have the experience and flexibility to show up to your gig and deliver professional results in very little time. My most suitable positions include Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals, and Backing Vocals. 

So if you have a need to hire someone for a gig, all you need to do is call. Once we speak on the phone, you can email me your setlist and I will have the songs ready for your gig. 


Standard rate: 100$ Per/Hour

At least 7 days notice is required for standard rates. 

If less than 7 days notice is given, there is an additional 50$ charge

if less than 3 days notice is given, there is an additional 100$ charge

if less than 24 hours notice is given, there is an additional 150$ charge

Rehearsals are not included. If you would like me to attend a rehearsal, there will be an additional charge of 50$ for a 2.5 hour rehearsal. 

*All bookings are subject to availability*


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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