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Music Recording


Bring your music to life

Jon Wyatt offers engineering production, and mixing services.


Music for film, TV, or ads?

From ambience to headbangers, groovy grooves to trippy trance. Jon Wyatt is a skilled and experienced producer that can develop music that is specifically tailored to your creative needs. Reach out to receive a quote, or to discuss your sync prospects


Take your recordings to the next level

Mixing is available to artists who've recorded their music, but do not have the ear or training to mix it to professional standards. Jon has the experience and training neccessary to make our tracks sounds the way you want.

Mixing results will of course be determined by the quality of your recordings. Reach out for a quote today, and please include your rough mix.

- Studio One Professional (DAW)

- Melodyne tuning, and AutoTune available

- Acoustically treated room

- Multiple premium industry standard plugins

Record your next hit.


Engineering is available to singers, rappers, or bands to record your voices and instruments.

Music can be created and produced, or beats and other already-recorded backing tracks can be recorded on top of.

Bands should contact prior to booking to see if Jon's studio can accommodate you. Jon can also be booked as a travel engineer, and work out of your studio, or a rented studio.

- Acoustically treated room

- Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface

- Squire Telecaster

- Ibanez S561

- Taylor Grand Auditorium 314CE

- Fender Sonoran California Series

- Old Classical Guitar

- Alesis Nitro Electronic MIDI Drum kit

- Casio Privia Concert Electric Piano

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